Day/Night Bundle


What’s included?

1 Sleep Bottle (62 tablets)

  • Melatonin + L-theanine for sleep hygiene
  • Calming lavender mint flavor

1 Energy Bottle (62 tablets)

  • Caffeine + vitamin B12
for vitality and mood
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Your subcription will include 1 glass printed bottle that holds 62 tablets + compostable refill pouches.

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Inside the tablets

10mg caffeine
cognitive performance
6mcg vitamin B12
DNA synthesis and cellular energy production
2.5mg L-theanine
calms the nerves
nano-hydroxyapatite (nHa)
remineralizes teeth
xylitol (birch extract)
promotes saliva production
calcium carbonate
natural polish
sodium bicarbonate
natural polish
provides structure to tablets
xanthan gum
protects against dry mouth
magnesium stearate
vegetable-derived powder lubricant
hydrated silica
natural polish
cooling, soothing sensation
peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint
natural flavor
cinnamon, chai
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
vitamin C, vitamin E
prevent gingivitis and oral cancer
stevia leaf extract
cavity-fighting plant extract

How Duo supplements work

Our mouths absorb nutrients directly into the bloodstream. That’s the key to the efficient bio-availability of the vitamins and supplements in Duo, added for convenience and health.

  • absorbs while you brush
  • gentle, efficient digestion
  • rapid uptake
Standard Supplement Pills
  • uncomfortable to swallow
  • difficult gastrointestinal digestion
  • delayed delivery





Dentist Created







“What you brush 
with matters.”

Tooth enamel cannot repair itself from within, which means your toothpaste has an important job to do. We packed Duo with proven ingredients like nHa to remineralize teeth and promote vibrant oral health. Developed by dentists, better for everyone.

Image sign

Dr. Stevie Roberts, DMD

Dr. Robert Johnson, DMD, MD

Clean Ingredients

Restore and whiten enamel, soothe sensitivity, and balance the oral microbiome with a gentle boost to start the day.


A dentist-backed fluoride alternative that whitens and remineralizes enamel.

Caffeine (10mg)

Increases mental alertness, cognitive performance, metabolism, and reaction time

Vitamins B12 (6mcg) 

Elevates mood and aids neurological function

L-theanine (2.5mg) 

Naturally occurring in green tea; improves cognitive performance without jitters

How to brush with Duo

Crush a tablet between your teeth

Wet your toothbrush

Brush to activate foam

Rinse and smile

Plastic-free made easy

Save up to 33% and lower your carbon footprint with subscription refills (in compostable pouches) delivered right on time.