5 reasons why doctors love mucosal absorption

what happens when you take your supplements with Duo

the trouble with pills

Pills are hard to take, hard on the stomach, made with fillers, and, in fact, most vitamins and supplements are difficult to absorb through the digestive system anyway. For example, many people struggle to get enough vitamin B12 because of its complicated metabolism involving the stomach, intestines and the liver. 

an innovative solution

To help a group of these B12-deficient patients, a team of innovative doctors decided to infuse B12 in toothpaste. Studies then confirmed that brushing with vitamin B12 infused toothpaste corrects B12 deficiency as effectively as swallowing tablets, without the drawbacks and side effects. Tooth-brushing, it turns out, is an incredibly efficient delivery mechanism for certain vitamins and supplements.

proven safety + efficacy

The reason this works is a scientific process called mucosal absorption. Many medications and supplements around the world use this method of delivery because of its efficiency and ease

high bio-availability

The mouth is full of blood capillaries and absorbent tissue, which actively extract nutrients from vitamins and supplements that come into contact with the gums, inner cheeks, and soft membranes under your tongue.

rapid uptake

The vitamins and supplements we use – including vitamins B12 and D, melatonin and caffeine – are all proven to quickly absorb through your oral membrane and into your bloodstream to reach whole-body systems. That’s what’s happening as you diligently brush with Duo Toothpaste tablets, and it’s why you feel the caffeine in Duo Energy almost right away!

high bio-availability

  1. Bioavailability of oral mucosally absorbed melatonin higher than when delivered by pill due to bypassing liver metabolism. Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability.

absorbed efficiently

  1. Vitamin B12 toothpaste corrects B12 deficiency as efficiently as capsules over 12-week period. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

  2. Sublingual vitamin D works as efficiently as capsular form of supplementation. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

activates in minutes

  1. Caffeine is absorbed in minutes when administered mucosally. Food & Function Journal.